Hermès Kelly Bag 35 Clemence Leather Emerald Green LU40522415143

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Yessss! Another beautiful Hermès bag in store! This is the Hermès Kelly Bag 35 in emerald green, we are in love!

This is a true collector's item. Every bag is handcrafted in France and has numerous characteristics. We cannot mention them all, but here are a few.

Nowadays the atelier of Hermès is in Pantin, one of the suburbs of Paris. A building of 200.000m2 that counts three storeys. All devoted to the production of handbags.

One person makes one bag from the beginning untill the end, nobody interferes. It takes as long as 15 to 20 hours to put a bag together.

Traditionally an alphabetic character is given to the bag to mark the year that it's made. This character is to be found at the end of the closure-belt. Between 1945 and 1970 only a character was used, later on they have put an additional circle or square to it.

This bag has stamp X in a circle, which tells us it’s from 1994. So it’s 23 years of age at this very moment, but it's like new!
The stitching is outstanding, de lock functions perfectly and the keys are both there.

The leather, handle, bottom, interior and shoulder strap are undamaged and free of scratches. The hardware is still shiny and in superb condition.

On the inside a large compartment with a Hermès zipper. The tab of the zipper has to be in a straight line with the zipper, this tells us it's authentic.

Hermès emerald green color.

This pre owned Kelly is made of Clemence leather, has size 35 and the hardware is goldtoned. Comes with orange dustbag.

Condition: outstanding

Made in France.

Hermès Kelly Bag 35 Clemence Leather Emerald Green LU40522415143